bishop-thumbBishop Derek L. Calhoun

Co-Founder & Overseer 

Bishop Derek L. Calhoun is the Co-founder and Overseer of New Vision International Ministries of Bridgeport, CT since 1999. Bishop Calhoun has been ordained in both the Baptist Church and Covenant Fellowship International, where he now serves as an Elder on the three-member Presbytery Council under the apostolic authority of Bishop Vaughn M. McLaughlin, presiding prelate and Co-founder of New Vision International Ministries. He has served in the capacity of deacon, trustee, Assistant to the Pastor and Senior Pastor at three previous churches for a total of fourteen years prior to Co-founding New Vision International Ministries.

Bishop Calhoun earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Howard University with a minor in Economics.  He also earned a Master’s Degree in Divinity with a concentration in Education from Howard University’s School of Divinity where he graduated among the top three students in his class. He has been actively engaged in ministry for over twenty-eight (28) years, preaching and teaching both nationally and internationally. He is also actively engaged with civic and government officials in the development of the Greater Bridgeport region.

Currently, Bishop Calhoun is the principal/founder of Kalli Corporation, LLC, a business-consulting firm. He also advises and facilitates incubation of several businesses on the New Vision campus and in Greater Fairfield County.  In addition, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the New Vision International Development Corporation. Bishop Calhoun is also an author, his first book is entitled, “Breaking Out of the Recession Mindset” (Thirty Thoughts and Thirty Days to Change). Bishop Calhoun was named MS Corporate Achiever in 2010 by The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Connecticut Chapter. His business acumen also been noted in the Fairfield County Business Journal.

Bishop Calhoun and his wife, Lady Sharron L. Calhoun, have been married for over 25 years and have four daughters. In addition, they have ministered in the areas of marriage and relationships for over 20 years.  Above all, Bishop Calhoun loves God and is completely committed to doing God’s will in his personal life while attending to the spiritual development of New Vision International Ministries.

lady-sharron-aloneLady Sharron L. Calhoun


Sharron L. Calhoun was born in Washington, D.C. to Lazarus and Inez Jones. She was educated in the Prince George’s County Public School System in Maryland. She also took classes at the University of the District Columbia. She is married to Bishop Derek L. Calhoun and they have four daughters and reside in Connecticut.

Over the last twenty-five years Sharron has had an eclectic career. She spent several years working for the Federal Government first with the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Dept of State. After a brief stint with The Howard University Press, her interest shifted to the medical profession. Sharron spent the next few years working for such organizations as the Children’s National Medical Center and the Washington Hospital Center MedSTAR Shock Trauma Unit and concluded her career in a private practice.

In the midst of this, Sharron volunteered her time mentoring freshman women on the campus of Howard University in the areas that we now call “life coaching”. She particularly honed this gift as she raised four girls and began to teach them these personal life skills. Over the course of the last fourteen years, she has done seminars and creative “self- enhancement-shops” for private organizations, churches and non profits that focused on proper development of life skills with a particular emphasis on issues surrounding women. Her successes in these areas are rooted in the trappings of her own urban development being raised by her dad from the age of ten and facing all of life’s issues as a teenager without the influence of her mom. She successfully matriculated through a myriad of issues that she now uses to develop a tangible framework for young women to not only survive but thrive mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She believes that a women’s productivity and worth in life begins first with her ability to appreciate, embrace and understand her “self-worth”. “She must learn to love herself, before she can love life and the people in it.” The process of embracing who you are as a women is being coined in a phrase and philosophy that she calls “U-shops”, workshops designed specifically to embrace the blessing of being “U”.

She also assists her husband in the spiritual management of New Vision International Ministries. New Vision International Ministries is a non-denominational, multi-ethnic Christian ministry with a regional membership from New York to New Haven of over 800 people and over 35 individual ministries that respond to the needs of its Fairfield and New Haven County constituents. Recently Lady Sharron, as she is affectionately called by her congregation is the progenitor of the women’s ministry of which she has leadership oversight but moreover, she facilitates and mentors a young women’s ministry from the ages of 21 through 34 called “Infusion”. Through personal counseling, modeling, “U-shops” and a passion for women she has mentored hundreds of women. She now uses her influence to create a platform for all women that she encounters nationally. She and her husband are a dynamic teaching duel. They have been speaking into the lives of couples in the areas of marriage and relationship for the past 20 years including institutions like Yale University.


Bishop Vaughn M. McLaughlin

Co-Founder & Presiding Prelate

Bishop was born on April 20, 1957 to Monroe and Elease McLaughlin. He attended the public schools of Jacksonville, Florida graduating from William M. Raines Senior High School. He attended the University of Tampa on an athletic scholarship, and later studied at University of Tennessee majoring in psychology.    He holds a Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Theology from North Florida Theological Seminary.

At age 25, Bishop McLaughlin made a personal profession of faith and submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. In just a few months after his conversion he was called by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bishop McLaughlin began preaching the gospel anywhere and everywhere there was someone who would listen. He was staffed at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church where he served the local body in any and every capacity imaginable. In 1987, age 29, Bishop McLaughlin pastored his first church in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Eleven months later, Bishop McLaughlin answered the call of God to pioneer a local church that would exemplify the biblical pattern of a non-traditional and Kingdom focused ministry.

In 1988, he founded The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship. Today The Potter’s House is home to over 5,000 members and amazingly started with 40 members. Bishop McLaughlin and The Potter’s House ministry have been acknowledged and awarded by local, state and federal agencies for its outstanding and consistent work in the area of jails and prisons, nursing homes, hospital ministry and food and clothing efforts.

After years of mentoring other pastors and demonstrating a father’s heart, Bishop McLaughlin was set aside as bishop-elect by Bishop Donald Hilliard, Chief Presiding Prelate of the Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies and was consecrated into the office of bishop on March 6, 1999. In preparation for the office of bishop, he submitted to the tutelage of the Joint College of Bishops and successfully completed the courses of study required for graduation from the Joint College at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Bishop McLaughlin, through Covenant Fellowship International, provides covering for over 100 ministries and pastors around the globe. Churches have been birthed and reformed from the Caribbean to all of India.

Lady Narlene McLaughlin


married my husband, Vaughn McLaughlin in June of 1978.  We have now been married for over 30 years.  I was born again in September of 1982, and tried to live a consistent Spirit-filled life in Christ ever since.  My husband began pastoring in 1987.  I left my job as Operations Manager with American Heritage Life Insurance Company to work with him in full time ministry in August of 1988, two months after we began what is now The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship.

I have worked in virtually every phase of ministry within the Potters House:

  •  Initiated and directed our Nursery Ministry for about 5 years;
  • Initiated and produced tapes for the Tape Ministry for over two years;
  • Directed and administered the Stewardship/Accounting Ministry for 9 years;
  • Participated in regular Jail and Prison Visitations;
  • Served with the Inspirational Care/Nursing Home and Hospital Visitation Ministry for several years;
  • Conducted live radio ministry with my husband for a couple of years;
  • Taught approximately 200 women each week in Sunday school class for 18 years, and later taught the young ladies group (18-29) for approximately 2 years;
  • Have hosted and spoken at numerous women’s retreats and conferences;
  • Was founding Principal and served as Administrator of our once 500 student Christian
  • Academy for 10 years; also taught Psychology to senior students;
  • Served for 3 years as an instructor for Logos Bible College;
  • Have provided, and presently provides extensive spiritual, marital and financial counseling for countless;
  • Presently serve as Chief Administrative Officer of The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship, Inc., assisting the Bishop in all of the administrative and corporate duties of the ministry; including overseeing staffing (presently over 160 full and part time), personnel benefits, facility acquisition and maintenance, construction management, budgeting, accounting and stewardship, marketing, ministries operations, etc.

My academic credentials include:

  • 1970-1974 – Germantown High School, Germantown, Tennessee with a major concentration English and Biology. Graduated summa cum laude.
  • 1974-1978 – B.S. Degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Martin,  Tennessee. Graduated Magna cum laude.
  • 1982-1984 – Florida Community at Jacksonville. 18 credit hours in Property and CasualtyInsurance Management and Basis Principles of Life Insurance.
  • 1992-1994 – Logos Christian College. 9 credit hours in Biblical Studies.
  • 1994-1996 – Masters of Science in Christian Education Administration from Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, Florida.

My present position is that of Chief Administrative and Operations Officer for the overall ministry which includes the aforementioned responsibilities of the church, as well as providing oversight for the church owned entities which include: Kingdom Plaza Mall, The Soul Food Bistro, King Pins Bowling Center, Temple Builders Fitness and The Potter’s House Christian Academy.  I have served on the Board of Directors for numerous organizations, including Logos Bible College, School of Success Charter School and SISTERS OICU, Inc., a prison release program for women. Bishop McLaughlin and I have, by God’s grace, reared two beautiful children (now grown), Angel and Stephen.