Bishop’s Blog: Ignorance vs. Devices

By July 8, 2016Bishop's Blog

bishops-blog-graphic-smallClearly the Bible speaks to our our development of a strong sense of discernment. In this hour we cannot be ignorant of His devices. Spirit of God fall on those of us who are asleep & capture the sight of those who are studying the storm & missing the still sounding voice of God in the midst of the storm in Jesus Name Amen! Hear this body of Christ, God is still in control! Even while we mastermind plans to be a part of and yet divorcing ourselves from the body by abdicating our responsibilities to another. We need to be busy about the Master’s business.

In a volatile environment like the one we currently live we should calling our youth & young adults to the cross teaching them how to channel their fears to worship. We should be vigilantly using social media to capture the hearts of potential vigilantes before “the purge” begins. We should develop some type of educational/spiritual forums & open dialogues to diffuse potential violence in our communities between our police officers & the community @ large. The church must go on the offensive.

All lives matter, Dallas was just the beginning of the social anarchy that follows societal unrest. We must become proactive while being careful of being herded by the media. Let’s shift gears here to gather perspective sons & daughters of Issachar. While we are watching the storms in Louisiana & Minnesota. Soon there will exist enough video evidence for the privatization of our Police forces either through government intervention or private enterprise. In America the lines of separation between these 2 entities can become obscure. Police forces controlled by one entity is the backdrop for martial aw & the footprint of one world governments.

Be clear we are living in the last days. Stop, drop & pray. Do not fret! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. This is not the end yet. Pay your bills, go to work, love your parents & take care of your families. Be diligent, draw close to God. Go to church & listen to the Word of God. Follow the instructions of your Pastor & make full proof of your ministry. Do the work of an Evangelist! Jesus is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. The systems of this world are corrupt; but, our God is still Judge!

In closing, remember this well. All police officers are not corrupt. Many just want to go home and have dinner with their families just like everyone else. Some of our relatives & friends have pledged to serve & protect. We cannot let a hand full of bad seed tarnish the badges of all who carry the shield. This would be error and the fallacy of composition. What is true of one is not necessarily true of the whole.

Pray seek the face of God while He may be found. Pray for Minnesota, Louisiana & your state of residence. Speak life in the midst of death. Use the Internet to relay a Kingdom Christ Centered message for we wrestle not against flesh & blood but against principalities powers & spiritual wickedness in high places. Pursue good & justice with All men through balanced & godly relationships. God has a BIGGER PLAN!

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