Bishop’s Blog: The Sting

By February 5, 2016Bishop's Blog

The Word Today: The Sting

Lord we have all felt the sting of the apostasy. There have been times in our lives where we have wanted to just dispense with all of the drama that goes along with enduring hardness. Deep in the recesses of our hearts we know that to love U is the right thing to do & yet there is a struggle going on between the flesh & the spirit that seems to be unceasing. Lord help us to turn to U with a contrite heart & a broken spirit. Let confession roll from our tongues into Your merciful hearing & let us cry out for help in our time of weakness feeling only remorse for our sins & thoughts. While grace & mercy pour out from the throne of heaven giving us the impetus to turn from our wicked ways as we channel our thoughts & actions to U!


U Lord are our Hope, our Joy & the One who satisfies our souls. U make promises no man can keep! U still the avenger in his tracks! U create life out of darkness & give us a future in a barren land. Where there is no sign of life U provide miracles! Now let those of us who can still count our blessing begin to PRAY for those who have fallen away! Those who succumbed to this sting of death in the apostasy. Your mercy endures forever.


U have the power to call those things that are not into EXISTENCE! U are God all by YOURSELF & we give U the glory & honor in Jesus Name Amen! #PrayDon’tJudge