Bishop’s Blog: Trust

By December 17, 2015Bishop's Blog

bishops-blog-graphic-smallThe Word Today: Trust

I don’t know about you; but, it is so easy to forget why we got saved. Where were you when God saved you? What were you into? What would have happened to you if God did not intervene at that time? The reason God intervened is because He had a plan for our lives. Not our plan; but, HIS PLAN. Kingdom is His concept & it is a fully mapped out plan from the beginning to the end. As we seek His face this plan unfolds. The pieces of the puzzle begin to fall in place. He put unique gifts & talents & personality flaws within us to keep us humble. By now I’m sure you realize, we can do nothing measurable without Him. There are a whole lot of things we do; but, if God didn’t authorize it, well you know, it doesn’t count in heaven. We ought to strive to make it count through daily repentance, waiting to hear from God. Whatever God put in you He trusts you with a part of Himself. Think about that the creator of the universes, matter & the smallest molecular structure known & unknown to man trusts us with parts of Himself. He loved us to die for us & then put Himself in us at our request. We spend the bulk of our lives as Believers ignoring the POWER that is within us & taking His gifts to us for granted. We will advance kingdoms of darkness for a paycheck in complete ignorance of His original master plan.


Lord you trusted us with a piece of Yourself. You gave us everything we will ever have as gifts. Forgive us for our blinded eyes & our selfish spirits. Help us to realize why U placed us in the earth. Let us no longer break the bond of trust. Just because we can’t see U doesn’t mean that U are not there. U are always present with us to help us. Give us a mind to call on U. Teach us how to trust U for our every need. Your track record is proven.


Now help us to rebuild bridges of trust. We want U to be able to trust us. We want U to be blessed by our stewardship of Your gifts. We want to give U a return on Your investment. We belong to U & from this day forward we will trust U in the areas of our lives that we have tried to control. We will trust U for what we can’t see. Forging ahead in trials to ultimately bring U glory. We will cooperate with Your perfected plans for our lives & the Kingdom of Light shall prevail over the kingdom of darkness.


Trust is the ability to put your life is the hands of another. The only being in the world who is capable of not violating this trust is God. We cannot lose by putting our trust in God. He has a pre-designed outcome that will work out for our GOOD. All we have to do is let go & let God. Thank U Lord for another season to embrace this lesson, may we fulfill Your will in the earth in Jesus Name Amen!