Bishop’s Blog: The Reality Of The Game

By December 15, 2015Bishop's Blog


The Word Today: The Reality of the Game

The Game in any team sport is required to have a coach & players. The number of coaches & players depends on the sport. There is something that they all have in common. Each player has a role & he has the option to perform his or her role. Some people are practice players but that role counts. They help the team get better by practicing hard. Some players are second string. They don’t get to play until they improve or someone gets hurt or loses focus or confidence & gets called out of the game. In fact, some teams have several players waiting & hungry to play in the game. Players who possess this mindset: “IT IS AN HONOR TO BE IN THE GAME. SOMEONE ELSE THAT WILL PLAY HARDER & BETTER IS WAITING TO TAKE MY PLACE. THE GAME WILL BE PLAYED WITH OR WITHOUT ME.” In the body of Christ some of us get our roles twisted. We get upset or frustrated & take ourselves out of the game for a variety of selfish or immature reasons & then we proceed to talk bad about the coach & the team. Let me explain something that scenario is “LOSE LOSE”. God will not be held hostage by our protest or our picket lines. My friend Steve was a scab player. When the NFL players refused to play they hired these semi-pro players & college players to play the game. Steve was elated to play in the NFL & to receive a prorated salary. I was happy to be his friend because I benefited from the relationship. Just like our families do when we work for the KING. We must simply understand that WE ALL HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY AND GOD WILL NOT BE HELD HOSTAGE BY OUR ARROGANCE OR IMMATURITY. When the army of Israel refused to fight Goliath God chose David. When Saul & Israel were afraid to fight the Philistines the Lord chose Jonathan & his armor bearer. The Church will not stop because we quit.

God created us to endure. He wants to bless us. The odds are stacked in our favor but we have to willing to play in bad conditions or even when we are heavily favored to lose the game. God wants to know will we be loyal to Him to the bitter end. Don’t let personal frustration blindside you from seeing the bigger picture. God called us & it is an honor to play with His Son, Jesus & to be coached by the Holy Spirit. God is the owner of this “Dream Team” & we have the best playbook in all the world His Word or Bible. He will never leave us or forsake us. Ladies when Orpah wouldn’t participate Ruth played instead. When Barak was afraid, Jael killed Sisera, the Commander of Jabin’s army. She did her job she drove a tent peg through his Temple. That was her role & the nation of Israel prevailed over King Jabin because of that act of simple obedience. What is your role? What has God told U & blessed U to do? DON’T TAKE YOUR ROLE FOR GRANTED. SERVE GOD WHILE IT IS DAY, FOR THE NIGHT COMES WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK! Get back in the Game before it’s too late! There’s a ram in the bush. There are more with us than against us. Don’t hold up your own blessing & destiny. Give GOD your BEST. Endure; fight & act like U know God is TRIUMPHANT IN ALL THINGS. We have the VICTORY IN CHRIST JESUS! Read ISAIAH 41:8-10 NLT & get in the Game NOW!

The reality of the Game is God does not care whether we play or not. His plan is to proceed with or without us. Ultimately it is our choice to accept the invitation to play or to sit on the sidelines of life missing out & complaining. We are without excuse & we all have to answer to God on the day of Judgment! #PlayTheGame