Bishop’s Blog: From the Root

By December 11, 2015Bishop's Blog

bishops-blog-graphic-smallThe Word Today: From The Root

Thanks be to God He calls us to approach His side in spite of ourselves. We all ought to be grateful for the blood that cleanses us from all sin. He made His Son Jesus to be an Advocate for our sins. God further justified us in Him. So we can come boldly to the throne of grace in our time of need & receive mercy & love. The enemy tries to rob us of this relationship ask Adam. As I was reminded, God knows that we are dust.

So while we’re at the throne, let’s take full advantage of this strategic position. Let’s not beat around the “bush”. Like Gideon, you have given us the power to pull down strongholds starting with our own. We must lay aside the weights & the sin that easily besets us. The word beset means to surround in the Greek.This is a dangerous sin that tries to surround us & cut us off from God. Sins we have seen before in our families. These generational sins (curses) have taken root in our families & will travel to the next generation unless we cut it down. It has to be pulled & not plucked. Removed from the root using prayer. Ask God for His help from a sincere heart. Call the sin out & systematically destroy the roots. Leave no areas of your heart untouched. It tries to hide there; but, you are exposing its position by giving your heart to God as an offering. He will renew your strength & the joy of Your salvation.

If we have taken cover we might as well emerge stronger than we were before the attack came. Declare today that our GOD is bigger than the sins of selfishness that try to surround us. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Lord open our eyes so we can see the chariots of fire that surround the enemy. Now give us strength like You gave Gideon to tear down his Father’s idols. The word in our mouth like You spoke to Jeremiah to have the power to pull down. Power to cast down every wicked imagination that has taken position in our hearts. We have seen & encountered this sin before; but, today we overcome it with the blood of the Lamb & destroy it using the power of the tongue to speak life & death. We curse the sin that easily besets us now in Jesus Mighty & Matchless name! Like the fig tree we curse its roots in Jesus Name Amen!