Bishop’s Blog: A Prayer of Financial Repentance

By December 4, 2015Bishop's Blog

bishops-blog-graphic-smallThe Word Today: A Prayer of Financial Repentance

Lord we would praise You; but our hands & lips are covered with shame. We have made vows with our lips & used our hands to undo our vows. Lord have mercy! Lord melt the callousness of the world from our hearts. Capture the disorder of our hearts & bring order where there has been sin. Lord we Honor You with the fruit of repentance not just for now; but for all of our past financial transgressions.

Lord remove the spirit of compromise from the throne of our hearts. Lord we have borrowed $ & refused to pay back. We have allowed the lust of the flesh to have dominion over our finances. We have not governed ourselves according to the mandates of Your Word. Our budgets have been compromised & we have taken what was Yours as a curse to our homes to cover our sin with more sin.

We have taken Your $ for trips, cars, clothes, gambling, investments, lottery & other fleshly pleasures. We have lost the identity of the church in a cloak of worldly desires. Seeking after the things of the world & forsaking the house of God to build the temples of darkness. Lord forgive us for every time we have operated in doubt, fear or double mindedness.

Now Lord give us a mind to honor every covenant commitment as it relates to the church & it’s financial solvency. We will no longer standby & see the house of the Lord in need & not fulfill our commitments even if it means restoration based on our neglect. Lord help us not to continue to borrow with no intention to pay back. Lord help us to never again run our houses  without having the constraints of a budget.  From  this day forward we will build our homes on the mandates of Your Word to fulfill Your will so God’s house can release Your glory in these latter days. In Jesus Name Amen!