Bishop’s Blog: WMD

By November 23, 2015Bishop's Blog

bishops-blog-graphic-smallThe Word Today: WMD

God was speaking to me this morning about the subtle but effective attacks of the enemy. The Bible speaks about the fact that it takes only a little leaven to mess up the lump. The dictionary defines leaven in two ways, the first way is a substance, typically yeast, that is added to dough to make it ferment and rise and the second way is as a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better. It is so easy when we let our guards down to get so caught up in the act of going to church that we forget the responsibility of being the church.

Sometimes being in church without the burden of being the church makes us a target for the enemy, who looks for detached, disgruntled Saints who are struggling spiritually & thinking  that they are well because of the company you keep. You are becoming a WMD & you think you are on the side of the Lord because of your position in church; but, you have a virus in your tongue that is like a WMD.

What is a WMD? It is an acronym for the term Weapons of Mass Destruction made very popular under the Bush administration. In the early 2000’s & carried through the early years of the Obama administration. This term struck fear in the lives of millions of Americans & added fuel to the hatred of Iraq & billions of dollars spent searching for weapons that we never found. It was unvetted military intelligence that caused this wind of confusion & millions of people believed. In the same way the enemy uses people in the church as a type of WMD, leaven that causes a stir in churches around the world.

We talk about things we heard & spread spiritual viruses to unsuspecting saints who get caught up in rumors that aren’t true. Jesus is Lord of the church. He is not only Lord of our lives. He is Lord over the Universe & all that exist. As members of the body we should not speak on things we don’t understand based on our opinion. Our opinion can be like leaven messing up the bread & that opinion mutates & gets into the fabric of the church and causes mayhem & the blood of those people is now on our hands. We have subtly become a WMD for the devil & it started out as a falsehood or opinion accepted as truth without being examined. If we want to spread something it should be the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Spread the Good News that Jesus saves.

Don’t use your tongue like leaven to poison the body of Christ. Gossip kills your testimony & the church. Gossip is the antithesis of the Gospel. Gossip is used by the enemy to turn people away from the church and to keep people out of the church. While the Gospel is used to keep people in the church and to introduce people to the church. Which “G” are you proficient in with your tongue? Who’s side are you really on, repent if necessary but get on the right side & spread the Gospel not gossip.