Bishop’s Blog: The Spirit of Israel

By November 13, 2015Bishop's Blog


The Word Today: The Spirit of Israel

There is an awesome series of descriptive passages of scripture found in PSALM 105-107. These passages reveal to us the nature of the body of Christ to forget the wondrous works of our God & to be bound by the fetters & irons of sin with very little realization because we have moved so far away from the plans He has for our lives. He loves us so very much that HE lingers on precipice of grace & mercy waiting for us to cry out to Him. He desires for us to look at how He blessed Israel in spite of themselves & yet they would so easily forget His miracles & blessings. 

What has God done for us over the last 16 years of our lives not just in the church but personally? Where have we come from & what things has HE allowed us to overcome? Is it TRUE when I say God has truly been merciful to us? If so, our hearts & lips should sing HIS praise. We should tell the world how good God has been to us. We should call on His Holy name! We should divest of our hidden sins & run to serve Him with passion and purpose never to let sin cloud our judgment ever again. 

We will worship our God in His holiness. Yes, we will sing praises to our God, NOT because we have to; but, because we want to, we know that HE only wants us to follow His decrees & obey His instructions.

In Jesus Name, Amen!

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