"Love this church. We worship in Spirit and in truth. I have so many relationships that extend beyond the services. We really are a big family, even if you walk in off the street we will embrace you."

− Louis Jackson

"This church helped me figure out a lot and I know it could help a lot of other people as well!"

− Efrain Tirado

"I love this church; I feel like I'm home, when I'm there. Amazing people!"

− Crystal Alicea

"New Vision international Ministries made me feel loved and cared for. They have been there for me and my family for years. "

− Kezna Tomlinson

"Beautiful Place....Beautiful People......Beautiful Vision......Very Progressive and Forward Thinking.....Really a Breath of Fresh Air"

− Leslie Catherine Fanning

"Lots of love... whenever I go I feel welcome.. Forever my church"

− Telrina Trina Ross Burden

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